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◎ Product Advantages 


Heat energy efficiency:

Heat efficiency of traditional heating tube (Electric heating wire) : 75-85%.

Heat efficiency of thick film heating chip: 98.9%.

Preheating time:

Traditional electric water heater heating (40L) : 40-60 minutes continuous bath for 1-2 people.  

Thick film heating chip: 10 minutes, unlimited time for continuous bathing.  

Heating insulation resistance value:

Traditional heating tube (heating wire) : 1.13-1.45Ωm㎡ /m,slow heating .  

Thick film heating chip: 10 Ω m ㎡ / m, quick heating . 

Thermal conductivity:

Traditional electric water heater:The insulation layer of heat conduction tube (4 mm) is thick. The surface is easily scaling and the heat conduction is slow.The internal temperature of the heat pipe is greater than 300 ℃, so it’s easy to burst and its working life is short.  

Thick film heating chip: The heating board insulation layer is thin (0.1 mm). The surface has anti-corrosive coating, not fouling.The heat conduction is fast and the internal temperature of the heating body is 160-260 ℃.It is not easy to burst so the working life is long.

◎ Technical Advantages

High-quality raw materials and technological breakthrough:

The product's technical support comes from Europe, and the heating element materials are from the world's top 500 companies. The material is widely used in aerospace science and technology, and the high-performance materials determine the product's uniqueness. The application of the material from aerospace technology is the innovation of our company, and also our company's core technology. Compared with the traditional heating wire heating materials, this materials achieved great breakthrough in the thermal efficiency, service life and safety performance, while the traditional electric heating method can only use the heating wire (electric heat pipe) as materials since one hundred years ago.

Stable production technology:

Since 2011, Guiyi Science&Technology has supplied more than 18 million thick film heating products to Nestle without any quality or production problems. The product also passed the EU certification, providing consumers with further protection.

Patented technology:

We have got five invention patents for the utility model of thick film technology. The company's strong R&D team continuously develops new products, and plans to apply for more patents in the future, providing strong technical guarantee for the production of products and the development of the company.

◎ Customer Advantage

Customer resources:

We have customers from top global companies, such as Nestle,Jabil, Midea, Viomi, FLAMA, and Borgwarner, etc.. The existing customer development space is large and the company has developed a number of new products for Nestle, Viomi,Midea, Borgwarner, Eugster and other customers since they need to update the end products heating technology to seize the market share.

◎ Market Advantages

In the ages of technical innovation and fast development, traditional electric heating method cannot meet the demand from the society, the cities and the individuals, but the traditional heating method can be found everywhere in family, hotels, schools, enterprises, the new rural construction, food industry, etc. This can be involved in the downstream business development across the daily appliance end products, commercial electrical end products, industrial application, the application of auto parts. As the leader in the field of thick film heating technology, Guiyi grasped the market demand and developed fast. Since the year of 1893 when the very first model of iron appeared in the United States, the traditional heating wire (tube) has been in use and developed for more than 100 years. But the thick film heating technology just started among the industry, this technology application has a large potential in sustainability and development.

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