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Headquartered in Nanning, Guangxi Province, China, Guangxi GuiYi Science & Technology Co., Ltd, with the title of National High-Tech Enterprise and under the List of Encouraged Industry for the Western Region, is a technical innovation enterprise supported by the National Innovation Funds. 

As a professional manufacturer of thick film heater, our company have an excellent thick film heating technology R&D team, advanced production technique, strict quality control system (ISO90001)and a factory of 5000 square meters. We are one of the leading domestic suppliers and major export enterprises of thick film heater products in China. 

Our company owns five invention patents relative to thick film heater. We have developed steady relationship with some famous international companies for supplying them with different kinds of thick film heaters. For the last 7 years we have already supplied more than 18 million thick film heating products to Nestle.

We are committed to research and develop new power-saving thick film heaters used for coffee cups, milk frother, electric water heaters, new-energy cars, boilers for both family and factory.  we have won attention and recognition of domestic and international well-known enterprises, such as Nestle,WIK, Borgwarner, Jabil, Flex, EF, Midea, Supor, Viomi , etc.

 Guiyi owns a three-floors building of more than 5000 squares meters. The first floor is workshop, the second floor is for office and the third one is for storage. Our company has 80 staff including 18 for administration, 5 for manufacture R&D, 5 for end production R&D, 4for equipment, 5 for quality control and 43 for workshop.

We have one hundred thousand stage clean workshop. A strict process control system is applied in production management, such as WI for each procedure, training for new staff, and all production must pass functional test before delivery to customers. The pass rate of plate thick film heater is successfully controlled higher than 99% and the pass rate of tube thick film heater is higher than 90%. 


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